All images that appear on this page is unique, and when you buy a picture of me you become the sole owner of this work.


Once an image is purchased, it disappears from the side, this is for you to be sure that the image is exclusive of a copy and that it is not for sale more. You becomes the owner of a unique work in one copy. There can be images that look the same but I, as the photographer guarantees that there will be no duplicates on sale.


The images are delivered on the canvas or art paper of the highest quality. If you are unsure of which medium you want, feel free to ask, I can explain the differences.

All orders must be made through the form below or via e-mail. Feel free to call if you have any questions, but the order must be in writing.


Prices are available upon request.


Canvas images comes with stretcher except for custom dimensions. Minimum size of the images is 40cm on the longest side. The maximum size is 100cm at the longest side. Some pictures cannot be delivered in a larger size, but feel free to ask me so I can explain what is possible.





Mats Nilsson

Lybäcksvägen 4

28537 Markaryd


Tel: +46 706 070104